Both public and private gas stations, construction and logistic companies, agricultural companies and other tens of partners supplied  EVERY DAY.

Fuels are delivered to Bencalor tanker storages (also under-ground types) using the compressor pump. Small quantity deliveries by our tankers are also possible - on site supplies, local tanker storages etc.

Tankers are equipped with controlling compuetrs for unloading, printers, GPS trackers and other modern technologies.

  • 12 modern trucks in the fleet for the transportation of fuels + long-term logistic partners.
  • GPS monitoring of all operated vehicles.
  • Non-stop dispatching
  • Flexible logistic possibilities thanks to the large fleet and wide network of long-term logistic partners.
  • Quality of product is GUARANTEED - all product handling is according to the very strict regulation and rules.
  • Low quantity supplies are possible! We supply local partners - agricultural companies, small local company stations, mobile gas stations, machines on construction sites, etc...
  • Supplies of non-stop operation sites - gas station networks, technical units, special machines,...

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