Flux, heating and base oils are transported by special tankers within the central and western Europe.

Specialized in flux oil deliveries within EU!

  • Heating oils are used in order to heat up some production plants, power plants, cement plants, machinery productions and also chemical facilities. In time deliveries of this product is guaranteed - long-time experience, good knowledge of loading destinations and also thanks to the large fleet of tankers. Flux and special oils are transported by tanker trucks within the EU zone.
  • We offer regional targeting and perfect knowledge of transportation routes and petrochemical terminals within Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, France and Denmark.

Quality of Transportation Services

  • Flexible solutions to unexpected demands.
  • 24/7/365 dispatching.
  • GPS monitoring  of all operated vehicles.
  • Fully trained drivers and staff - loading, handling and unloading of petrochemical products.
  • Flexibility in the confirmation of orders - phone call, e-mail, SMS,...
  • Tankers and trucks run fully and strictly in line with ADR regulations - legal check-outs and certification according to the valid legal regulations.

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