We can deliver all grades of hot bitumen - road bitumen grades, PmB bitumen types, oxidized and special bitumen binders. Hundreds of deliveries every week within the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and other EU countries.

We are the largest hot bitumen transportation company in the central Europe!

Hot bitumen can sometimes have 220°C and it is loaded into the special tankers with a proper insulation. All routes are planned in order to shorten transportation times and also to minimize cooling of bitumen.

All business runs according to the strict ADR regulations - all certifications and legal check-outs run on a regular basis.

  • 40 sets of trucks in the fleet - the largest tanker fleet in the central Europe!
  • Operative tanker transport solutions thanks to non-stop dispatching.
  • GPS monitoring of all operated vehicles.
  • Perfect knowledge of refineries, terminals and bitumen facilities within the central and western Europe.
  • Flexibility in processing of orders - e-mail, phone call, SMS,...

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