Petrochemia Trans s.r.o. - reliable and traditional partner for bitumen, fuels, emulsions, flux, heating and base oils tanker transportations. Thanks to its large fleet of trucks, the company guarantees the quality of all its deliveries within the Czech Republic and EU.

The largest transportation company of bitumen in the central Europe!


52 sets (TRUCK+TANKER) | Dispatching 24/7/365 | International tanker transportation GPS tracking  | Excellent knowledge of refineries, terminals and chemical plants within the central and western EU  | The largest transportation company of bitumen in the central Europe

Main segments


Bitumen is supplied to both regional and international mixing plant networks. There are also deliveries by tankers of hot bitumen within bitumen production plants and terminals. Thanks to the large fleet it is possible to provide all partners with a flexible and operative transport solutions.

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All trucks and tankers delivering fuels run fully in line with the ADR regulations. We supply not only large chains of gas stations, but also local ones and also other places (transportation companies, agricultural and construction companies). Several million of litres are transported daily.

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Transport solutions of heating oils, flux and base oils and other oil products run within Germany, Hungary, France, the Czech Republic and some other EU regions. Thanks to excellent knowledge of chemical and petrochemical plants the route planning is very efficient (time and economic).

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